Abstract & Paper Submission Guidelines

General information

  • Selected papers will be forwarded to the Geomechanics and Geoengineering Journal within a special issue devoted to this conference – The ISSMGE, which shall benefit from high visibility open-access.
  • Each paper needs the registration of at least one author.
  • Each registered delegate can submit up to 2 (two) conference papers.
  • Papers should be 4 pages long (exceptionally, 6 pages will be accepted).
  • Authors of approved Abstracts should submit the final paper using the available template.
  • The Open Access files will be available in the ISSMGE Online Library. The Authors will be free to upload or share the PDF content anywhere.
  • After review and acceptance of the papers, the first Author of each paper will be asked to sign a "Consent to Publish" which will allow its inclusion in the Proceedings under the specified registration conditions.

Procedure for submission of abstracts and papers to 18ARCSMGE and their review process

For all other Authors:

  • Members of an International Review Committee analyse and accept (or reject) the abstracts

For all Authors:

  • Abstracts' status may be "pending" in the ISSMGE platform until November 15, 2023 January 24, 2024 (deadline for abstract notification acceptance).
  • The Authors of accepted abstracts submit their papers using the available template (deadline: February 15, 2024): Download template here
  • Papers are submitted in: https://www.issmge.org/publications/review-platform/conferences/ARCSMGE2024
  • The Organising Committee will send each paper for review (deadline for all reviews: Mai 15, 2024).
  • Submission of final paper Mai 15, 2024

Contact for abstracts, papers and review process


Lyesse Laloui

Vice-President of the ISSMGE for Europe 2022-2026

To be elected

President of the ISSMGE 2022-2026

Mario Manassero 

Vice-President of the ISSMGE for Europe 2017-2021

Charles Ng​

Past-President of the ISSMGE 2013-2017

Neil Taylor

Secretary General of the ISSMGE

Haraldur Sigursteinsson

Chair of the XVII Conference Organising Committee

Eduardo Fortunato

Member of the Conference Organising Committee

Laura Caldeira

President of LNEC, Lisbon